Rogan, Peterson, and RealMVMT

I've lived in war zones. I've been dirt poor. I've lived amongst the most downtrodden. REALMvmt is my solution.

I left that life to live my opportunity. I will likely never be that repressed individual discriminated against by skin color, language, spiritual beliefs and the country they were born into.

The reality I know is one of massive need... of a non-material kind.

I reject and stand against; physical disability by neglect; brain dysfunction by malnutrition; a generation of children born into a world that doesn't care enough to change the systems.

The light side to this is the opportunity we all have to learn and grow daily to become who we were not and to share that through our livingness with the world.

Do the impossible. As an adult. Be come flexible strong, skilful and have the body you thought impossible. That's what I've been building for last 9 years. It's a been a worthy journey.

This podcast explains my bigger picture solution. It has worked. The question is scale. Yes this is about strength and fitness. It's also about a lot more.

Movement empowers and enlivens.

The world needs more leaders. Traditional education is not creating them.

Know it.

Be it.

If you like this deeper look at what's driving my journey this is one of the conversations that dove deeper.

Keegan Smith