This test is great for:

  1. The ultimate NATTY OR NOT muscle mass test.

  2. A great way to assess your progress and your genetic potential

  3. A great tool to identify optimal and acceptable muscle range for your athletes.

Are you too fat or too small to look the way you want to look?

Calculate your muscle number and also what change you will need to make in FAT-LOSS and or MUSCLE-GAIN to achieve your optimal physique.

A problem quantified is a problem half solved.

What’s good?

80 Muscle Number = Untrained In Muscle Building

Untrained level of muscle mass or an athlete focused on endurance sport or being very light eg. weight class boxer or jockey.

90 Muscle Number = Healthy Athletic

Healthy athletic weight trained individual probably significantly below their muscular potential.

100 Muscle Number = Great Development (world class)

Great muscular development for a natural lifer. Most strength athletes will approach this number. 98 was the average muscle number in an NRL team.

110 Muscle Number = Uncommonly Great (unlikely)

Uncommonly great level of muscular development for a natural male.

120 Muscle Number = Freakishly Great (highly questionable)

All but impossible to reach naturally and will almost definitely require excess body-fat and forced feeding together with good genetics.

130 Muscle Number = World Record (no way you’re getting here lean and natural)

is around the highest number ever recorded in an athlete presumed natural