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The world is changing rapidly…

We determine the direction it goes in.

Here is how RealMVMT has unfolded.

Today it’s an open platform for those with a message and method for change.

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I’ve always believed in human potential and the power of practice.

Since my early days I’ve always loved to teach others the best of what I know. I’ve always demanded a lot of those around me and struggled to understand those who don’t have great drive to better themselves through the practice I hold to be sacred.

Really we’d have to go back to searching for change blog, then Primal Performance, then Keegan Strength & Health then Coach Keegan, then Strength Coach Academy, then Integrative Strength Coach and Strength Essentials. I built all these brands before starting Real MOVEMENT Project in 2014 with Drew and Ben Slater.

I had already built an audience and run some workshops before the launch in 2014. Things started well off the back of two winning years with the roosters living in an idyllic location on the north coast of NSW people were excited about the chance not just to be educated but to be a part of a movement. Not just to be dictated to but to contribute.

It worked.

Mitch Pike opened a gym and 70+ others followed down that path.

Fred Marcerou and Pat Lane went from intern roles to NRL / Super League (& now top 14 strength coaches), Sam Kennedy followed a similar path. Simon Bungate went in at the Tigers with Corey Bocking and Nathan Gould & Geoff Goddard. Chad Mcgill went in at the Panther (now Fiji and Roosters juniors). Jono Wallace Smith got into his ideal role at the Victorian Institute of Sport, Huw Darnell and Ben Thompson got experience with the Reds, Shane (Bradford Bulls and then pro soccer in Spain) and the list goes on and on and on.

Real Movement worked so well. As a group of young males moving away from self-harm into serving society was a big shift for most of us. Like in just about any group of young men there were lots of stories of drug abuse and mental health challenges. There were many successes in these areas too. These were some of the big wins.

Still my driving force with starting Real MOVEMENT and all the previous projects was that people generally have a lot more potential than they realise and that in exploring that potential life and the world get better.

RealMOVEMENT was working for individual coaches, they were sharing that culture with 50-200 people. But it was stopping there.

There was no exponential impact. We were doing much more for coaches than any other system in the world. Taking people with minimal income and impact and helping them to become successful leaders immersed in a culture of better. But there was a block. The revolution was not being televised.

At the same time ketones came on the scene. Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris were raving about Pruvit Ketones. I tried them. They worked. I told my friends first, then everyone else. The business blew up where I thought nothing would come of it other than sharing a good product. That became my focus with an exponentially expanding network of positivity that addressed the insulin/ glucose crisis of humanity. Ketones blew up my network and net-worth. It was and is great to have a secondary residual income that backs up whatever I create elsewhere. Prüvit was one of the best decisions I’ve made but it also distracted and partly derailed RealMOVEMENT.

In late 2017 I launched RealYOU with some of the funds from Keto. We had 8 affiliates at launch with plans to go big. RealYOU was a chance to make something that had an exponential impact. It’s the compounding effect of one persons win blazing the trail for the next, and the next, in the way that F45 and CrossFit have done, that’s what I wanted and still want.

If we’d have had 70+ affiliates at that point we would have been close to being a household name in Australia and some parts of Ireland. Instead there was still no clear path for a consumer who had decided to take on their own weakness and replace it with strength.

RealYOU wasn’t well setup. I wasn’t the right leader for it at that time and it wasn’t the right team that I assembled. We had our second child, bought a house and massively blew out on the budget of renovations at the same time as Ketones slowing down. RealYOU imploded before it really got off the ground. Many lessons were learned.

The death or RealYOU and not wanting to continue putting efforts into something that didn’t have an exponential impact meant I lost my way. Late 2018 I had no direction. My training, health and life-force quickly decreased.

So I started a farm. In Keegan Smith style within 30 days we had 35 animals of 6-7 different species. I learned a lot and had some powerful human experiences in the circle of life during this time. The momentum of the farm transferred into my training and soon enough into renewed plans of supporting others to live their best life in mind and body.

RealMOVEMENT relaunched as an accountability program for $100/mo on Jan 1 and grew to 30-40 members in a few weeks. The results were good and the process evolved week to week. Soon enough I realised I was serving coaches and partnering with Athletic Truth Group and seeing them grow from 40 members to 400, to now nearly 800 renewed my belief that I have a role to play here in this lifetime.

On June 1 RealMVMT was born. A new 8 letter brand with renewed vision and purpose was born. Dates were set for the first 3 events in Sydney, Perth then Sunshine Coast and it was all on the line again. The goal was 20 members of the mentorship in the first quarter. We had 20 in the first month. Two out of the first 3 events sold out and the feedback has been massive. We built a new website, moved from infusionsoft to active campaigns, set-up uni.realmvmt.com and built realmvmt.com all while building a team of staff, mentors and educators around the world.


We have Uni.RealMVMT.com with just over 200 sign-ups. We are brining on more coaches with the goal to become the Go To Resource for emerging and elite coaches. We want to create a real alternative to university and the existing education paradigm.

RealMVMT app is live in both app stores making our university instantly accessible to those who want it.

We have 25 active RMVT Mentorship coaches and a growing RMVT Team.

We have events coming up in Melbourne, Brisbane, Bali and soon in Aukland.

Athletic Truth Group have come on board as both affiliates and educators.

We’re working with coaches in Hong Kong, UAE, UK, India, France, Ireland, Canada, US, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia with 50% of business outside Australia.

The ketones business is still strong despite taking a year off. The product is great and the company continues to innovate in business and product development.

In talks with a few successful gym owners who have multiple facilities.

In talks with investors.

In talks with people experienced in franchising.

We have a team of personal assistants in Pakistan, Argentina and the Philippines.

1-Hour Athlete Launch limited to first 25 places sold in 3-days.

In the last 6 weeks Keegan has worked teaching RealMVMT to players from Sevens Australia and Hong Kong, Western Force, Sonny Bill Williams, Sydney Roosters and a Div 1 Basketball player.

Fred who runs RealMVMT France is in demand in the performance world in France and getting great results with coaches.


We’re onto something good. We have been since the start! Early adopters are realising it and we’re making amazing progress together.

Here’s the deal short-term…

In the short term we will expand with 10 more mentorship coaches at the current $500 /mo AUD investment then we will move to $750 /mo US for the next 20 places. The mentorship will stay under 100 coaches for the near future until more mentors and facilities are established.

The RMVT Team program will begin to be advertised and will remain at $100 / mo aud for the first 50 subscribers before it moves to $100 /mo USD. This program will be able to expand to accomodate thousands of coaches around the world.

Events will continue to run and coaches will continue to open gyms and get work in elite teams.

Our vision is for both connected and licensed facilities providing world class service. We can make a difference in the world collectively. We can’t individually. I see many thousands of gym expanding into emerging and frontier markets is one of the goals within the next 12-24 months. Coaches from rich economies will volunteer and travel the world inside the RealMVMT network and make a difference to the communities they visit. On the ground success in the down trodden countries of the colonial era will give us a chance to connect to local athletes, schools and other projects to help unlock the potential in places most ignore.

RealMVMT is designed for kids, elderly, those of limited abilities and elite athletes. We will expand our reach into more schools and elderly homes as well as across all sectors of the population. People wanting better are our target. “Everyone deserves MVMT!”

Getting out interning program off the ground and strong link with insurance companies will eliminate the need for inferior education to tick boxes for bureaucratic reasons. Universities and other government education is become obsolete or at least seen for the expensive and indirect path of education that it is.


There have been many deviations in the journey so far. We’ve come a long way. We have a long way to go.

Unlike many industries there is no clear path for someone to follow when they decide they would like to move away from weakness and addiction and embrace strength in mind and body.

RealMVMT is about creating that global opportunity for every elder, man, woman and child who would like to express more of the talents they have been blessed with.


Nothing happens without you.

You’re the most important athlete you’ll ever meet.

By being your best you give permission for others to do the same.

It’s a choice. The alternative is a sewer of mediocrity and regret.


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