Your Team Lifts You Up, Or IT Brings You Down.

From beginner to Black-BELT, We want you to lead your community and work together to solve the challenges of our time.

"Have you got a dream? Then there's only one place you need to invest and that's with the RMP Mentorship."

- Mitch Pike (More from Mitch below)

Noosa Intensive 2017

Noosa Intensive 2017


Gain Instant Access To:


  • A community that cares

  • A local and global coaches network

  • Training programs

  • Wellness Protocols


  • 15 hours of online education learning from Keegan Smith, Australia’s most successful coach mentor.

  • Learn the foundation that few have received across MOVEMENT, DIET, WELLNESS and MIND.

  • This goes beyond theoretical with actual “HOW TO” instructions to live better everyday for the rest of your life.


  • Jump Program + Explanation.


  • Access the materials that have helped over 70 coaches to open and run their own facilities. This content goes deep into all ares of performance.


Nobody becomes great alone.

RealMVMT has a higher success rate of helping coaches go from the bottom to the top than any other education program available today.

Problem is it was $10,000.

And most coaches are broke or struggling to make a dent in $30,000+ of university debt.

In 2019 we decided to democratize education and lift the standard of human performance world-wide. We’ve brought on coaches in India and Albania as well as Hong Kong and Canada.

It’s never been about $.

Now your only excuse is a lack of ambition.

Some of the world’s best athletes are investing in this program…

  • Aussie & Hong Kong 7’s Players

  • Sonny Bill Williams

  • Sydney Roosters

  • Western Force

  • Ex NRL Players…

It’s good for them.

It’s even better for you.

The great thing is in this community you’re not just here to follow. You have the opportunity to lead.


“I went to my first RMP internship one month after joining the community. That 4 days changed my life completely. I had a flame burning inside of me with little direction to where it was heading. 

The clarity gained from spending those 4 days with the quality of coaches within the group set a snowball effect that had me go from an entry level p.t to packing out a facility and having interns working under me within 6 months. 

Over the last 18 months I've been with RMP, I've turned my life on its head, travelled the world, met new best friends and made relationships to last a life time. I can't put into words the effect Keegan and his legacy had on my life - the best part is this is only just the beginning. 

You've got a dream? Then there's only one place you need to invest and that's with the RMP mentorship.”

- Mitch Pike



Q. What’s the time commitment?

You complete the course at your own pace. Legend in strength Charles Poliquin recommended at least 1 hour / day of study for career coaches.

Most of the time commitment is really about doing the things you know you should be doing. Train, eat and think like a world leading coach for months, years and decades and you will become a leader.

Q. What face to face events do I get to go to?

Once you complete LVL1 you will be eligible to attend live events. We also have mastermind sessions periodically in major cities in Australia, Ireland and France. We’re working to make these event more regular around the world.

Q. What outcomes can I expect from this community?

Those who do the work often get the job/business they want. They have better connections in the industry. They develop the confidence to speak and lead in their local communities.

Q. Is this a contract?

No, the expectation is that you will complete your 10 hour level 1 course and then make a decision about whether you want to continue to grow with our community. The level 1 can be completed in less than 1 month. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Q. Do I get a training program?

Yes, your training is programmed and monitored despite the tiny investment!

Q. Why is it so cheap?

World health and performance are in serious decline. Even those investing tens of thousands of dollars in their education are being massively mis-informed. We must change this situation. Every working person in the western-world can afford this life-changing program if they want to make it happen! RealMVMT will be rewarded correctly for the value it provides the world.