How To Be An NRL Strength Coach – Patrick Lane


How do you become an NRL strength coach? A question I’m often asked and I have answered again here.

I thought it might be helpful to share the story of Patrick Lane. I met Pat in 2013 at a Strength Essentials workshop (which was the pre-cursor to the RealMVMNT Level 1 which sold out in 1 day earlier this year in Sydney).

The sound is a little quiet on the YouTube and Vimeo versions but it’s 100% on the SoundCloud Version.


  1. Developing junior athletes with Real Strength Blocks

  2. Patty’s first Strength Coach experiences in the Souths Rugby League system

  3. Who Pat learns from

  4. The importance of mentors

  5. Pat’s future in Strength

“The first thing I did as a personal trainer was glorify the “PERSONAL TRAINER”, and probably the most important thing I did was to take responsibility to reconditionate my injury itself”

Patrick Lane

Later that year I was looking for an intern and someone to work with the U16’s Sydney Rooster’s team. Pat was the first guy I thought of and he accepted the role which ultimately meant he quit his masters in High Performance to work full-time with myself and Sam Kennedy on the strength staff at the Roosters under Travis Touma (Head of Performance) and Trent Robinson (Head Coach).

Working with Sam and Pat was hugely enriching for me. They brought new ideas and enthusiasm in the way interns should and were ready to do the work whenever it was available. Both their teams implemented strength beyond the levels it had been implemented before with the U16’s and U18’s teams and both teams achieved results that hadn’t been achieved before.

As a result of this success both of them attained full-time positions for 2014 working with NRL and U20’s teams despite me leaving the club. This shows they were able to establish respect and value throughout the organisation during this first year.

What’s special about Patrick Lane that has helped him achieve what thousands of other graduates and PhD’s are unable to achieve?

  1. Pat loves strength and performance as deeply as anyone I’ve come across. This passion is infectious for all those who work with him, staff and athletes

  2. Pat lifts – he was lucky to get started with Seb Oreb in his early days and had already deadlifted 260kg (with straps  before he was 20!

  3. Pat doesn’t know it all – he’s constantly learning from Charles PoliquinDan BakerChristian Woodford, Scott Campbell and plenty more..

  4. Pat was financially able to work for next to no $ for a year. He even quit his PT job to focus 100% on becoming an NRL Strength Coach!

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