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RealMVMT Intern

Both paid and volunteer internships are available through RealMVMT Facilities.

Paid internships (we pay you): require you to already have skills and experience to be able to run unsupervised classes and personal training sessions. Coaches who have completed the RealMVMT level 1 Online, achieved grey belt standards or above and who or are currently enrolled in the RealMVMT mentorship are a much more likely to be successful in applying for these positions.

Paid internships include paid hours and training hours to work towards a full-time position with a RealMVMT affiliate gym.

Volunteer internships: are a chance for you to learn from leaders and get a feel for what it’s like to work in a performance environment built on results and quality culture. Within the volunteer internships you will be expected to train within the groups / with the head coaches as well as aid in supervising sessions. You will complete your RealMVMT Level 1 online and work towards RealMVMT performance belts while interning. The expectation of the internship is that the best students will moving into part-time or full-time coaching roles with a view to one day running a RealMVMT affiliate or franchise facility.

Paying internships: in these programs you have the chance to learn from the best in a real working environment. You won’t just be “helping out” you’ll be taken on as a project to be employable. Either within the mentoring facility or at another RealMVMT gym. Great coaches are hard to find. This program is the fast lane to being a great coach.

Apply via the link below.

RealMVMT Facility Coach

Would you like to be working full-time or part-time in a RealMVMT facility? We’ve worked with over 100 gyms and often get asked if we have any top quality coaches who know the RealMVMT systems ready to go.

Are you ready to work in a great gym?

Can you add to the culture and help to fill a gym?

Would you like a springboard to filling your own gym with a solid base of personal experience?

Complete the application and we will contact you with the available opportunities in the areas you have selected.

Professional Performance Coach

Would you like to be working full-time or part-time or intern in a professional team?

There are opportunities for coaches in the NRL and International Rugby for quality coaches.

Most graduates / masters students of sports science should not apply because they are not practitioners. They should start with the Team/ Mentorship. If you are a practitioner of performance and would like to work at the top level complete the form and we will work together to get you in your dream job.

There is also an opportunity for online coaching for RealMVMT with professional athletes from multiple sports.




The thing that I loved was the mental aspect of it. I really enjoyed learning about myself. It was a life-changing experience.

We shouldn't box ourselves in, I should be able to do everything. Push the limits."

Sonny Bill Williams - All-Blacks, Bulldogs, Roosters, Toulon, Boxing, Olympic sevens