Why Become A RealCOACH? RealMOVEMENT Level 1

RealCOACH = arrogant as hell, right?

What if the only way that 99% of the population could get the body, performance and life they want is by doing more than what is offered at any "fitness" or "self-help" program?

It's not enough to get the body.

We're about true success.

Success is moving towards:




This is what I want for me. What I want for me I want for everyone.

Our Mission Is To Establish A New "Normal" For Humanity and In Elite Sport.

How good could we be if we really tried?

If we applied the best of Science and Experience.

This is the question RealMOVEMENT is answering.


The Coach's Journey

By showing coaches concretely in their own lives how much they can change, in body and performance, we open the door to a new world.

It works.

We've been doing it for 3 years working with over 150 coaches from over 10 countries.

A higher percentage of people from this group have gone on to work in elite sport or run their own facility than any other program.

If you want to make a difference in the world. This is the community to connect to.

Since 2015 RealMOVEMENT Mentorship has been a $10 000 investment.

It worked beyond what we thought possible.

Still we must evolve.

Late in 2017 we launched RealYou. A franchise of facility owners 100% determined to change the world. Committed to delivering the best in Movement, Wellness and Mind. These guys have the backing of RealMOVEMENT training systems RealYou Franchise support designed to make the path to success a clear one.


What Does It Have To Do With You?

We need more coaches... for these facilities, for the dozens of new ones to

come in 2018 and for the great mission of re-shaping the human experience.

We're taking 15 coaches in January.

Who Will You Become:

- You will graduate from this program a better athlete.

- With a better physique that gives you confidence in any room with and member or athlete.

- More confident in your ability to coach, present and share ideas.

Best Of All You Become More of the RealYou.

You will get:

- Be a part of the RealMOVEMENT Coaches Team

- 3 day Level 1 Event - you will understand and implement the fundamentals of RealMOVEMENT Human Potentiation.

- Weekly education calls with Real Movement across, Welless, Movement and Mind.

- 1 week internship with a RealMOVEMENT Coach or at a RealYou Hub.

- Access to RealYou Platform

- 3 months of personal support

This is a clear path to become a world-class coach.

Keegan Smith now has dozens of former interns and mentorship graduates working in professional teams, presenting or running their own facilities.


When we remove blocks and limitations and connect you to big thinkers. Big things happen.

It has happened OVER and OVER again.

Just to be clear. This course isn’t for everyone. You won't graduate if you don't do the work. We want you to win.

To win you must PRACTICE! You can see where you'll end up in terms of performance on the RealMOVEMENT Targets.

The Opportunity For Graduates:

.. we have RealYou Hubs in the network wanting qualified coaches. You get to work in a performance environment and make a full-time income without having to comb the gym floor all day.

.. manage a RealYou Hub with part ownership,

.. purchase a license and run your own RealYou Hub with turnkey operations.

Beyond the direct path to better, the person you will become is a good enough reason to make this investment in yourself.

It will be one of the best you ever make.

Who Is RealMOVEMENT Level 1 for?

- Certificate 3/4 Fitness holders or people looking to go down that path.

- CrossFit Coaches wanting to understand life outside the box.

- Sport / Exercise Science Students and Graduates who want to stand above the herd.

- People who would like to own/manage or coach in a RealYou facility.

- And anyone who wants to learn how to optimise their physical and mental performance


Invest in yourself to become someone others will invest in.

Who Will You Become In 2018?

This is not a course. This is a way of life. See you on the lighter side.


Keegan Smith