Why ATG Online with Ben Patrick?


About 10-months ago I subscribed to ATG online.

I was nervous. Not because of the $50 US a month investment but because I knew that if it changed my philosophy and practice as a coach, I would have to share it with the world.

I spoke with Ben. He wasn’t worried.

I started doing the program.

It was a revolution in performance.

I told everyone…

I believe ATG was at around 50 members at that time. Today (July 2019) they may have around 15 times that.

Ben and his team have grown an empire. They’ve created a wave where 1000’s of coaches around the world are implementing elements of ATG. Often not understanding the how and and why but experimenting nonetheless.

Ben is a deep thinker.

He has no PhD. No Masters even. Actually he never did tertiary study around sports science or anything similar.

Still I believe he’s one of, if not the most important performance coach alive today.

It’s not necessarily any one movement although VmO bounces, ATG jumps and his nordic variations are massive breakthroughs in themselves. It’s the whole package and how so many different problems are being solved.

There is a system for lower backs, for ankle sprains, for achilles and for shoulders.

It’s not just “knee rehab”. In fact, that’s only about 5% of what’s on offer. There is a depth of intricate knowledge in top speed protocols, single foot jumping, acceleration and throwing.

There are dozens of concepts Ben has articulated that go way beyond anything I’ve ever understood before.

Much of his work, as he explains, has evolved from the teachings of Charles Poliquin, the coach with the most Olympic medalists to his record. Still Ben has gone a long way beyond the PICP 1-2 structural balance courses I studied in 2011.

The best thing is this system is alive. It’s evolving day to day. Living feedback from world-class and amateur athletes from around the world, as well as a team of coaches are evolving this system quickly.

Fast forward 10-months and Ben and I are working together to get a coaches perspective on the ATG-Training system to the world.

What if all coaches knew this?

I honestly believe that understanding the ATG system from the inside puts you ahead of any academic in the performance world today. It’s a big statement but I’ve seen a lot. I’ve tirelessly researched performance for the last 20 years.

There are many great practitioners in the world of strength but if you’re not keeping up with the ATG evolution you’re missing a big piece. To get on a live-call with Ben once a month and get your questions answered, as well as hear the deep explanations of the why and how of each movement and program in the ATG system, join RealMVMT Coaches Community today.

As part of this program you also get access to the 10 hour RealMVMT LVL1 course, 1-hour athlete, skill tutorials and the vault of RealMVMT content which has been accumulating since 2014. This community gets results for coaches like ATG gets results for jumpers.

You need to continue to upgrade your technical knowledge. You also need support for the rest of your journey to becoming a world-changing coach. We’re here to work with you on that journey.

Learn ATG from a Coach’s Perspective inside the movements and programming of Jumps.

Work directly online with Ben as an athlete on one of his programs.

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