What If It Works?


If it all goes to plan where will the world be when you leave it?

What would success mean in your lifetime?

What is it that you believe in and how will you manifest that here?

Do you love war, inequality, pollution, self-harm, dis-ease and mental dis-integration?

If not what is your action plan? For yourself and for the world?


It’s not easy.

But it seems to help in contrast to zombified acceptance.

I don’t agree with the status quo.

Some say my mission is futile. A complicit quiet life of desperation is no more palatable. In fact it tastes like shit.

On the bright side…

I work with the most ambitious rookie, beginner and intermediate coaches in the world to help them get to the top of the game. My goal is that we re-invent the game. Competing against F45 and CrossFit for members or worse still competing against the predatory 24-hour model that is built around members not turning up… that’s not my dream.

RealMVMT facilities are for:

  • People who listen to Joe Rogan podcasts.

  • People who don’t believe the news.

  • People who travel to expand themselves and their understanding of humanity.

  • People who love making art, music, creating new solutions for society and looking beyond what’s been done.

  • People who love people.

  • People who want to know and love themselves more deeply.

I’m looking for both the producers and the consumers of the product “better.”

The time for a new paradigm in performance is here.

The time for people to stand up and together for their freedoms is here.

It’s been a long-time since I met someone who believes in the imposed leadership of today.

We must lead ourselves.

Physical sovereignty is a great place to start.

What are you putting in your body?

What will your body be capable of in 1-2-3 years from now that it can’t do today?

What can you do to become biologically younger and more vital?

If your kids live like you, will they be healthy?

You can do it.

RealMVMT is the most demanding training system in the world in-terms of learning and personal evolution. Still you will be accepted on-boarded and you will own the journey every step of the way.

What if you became the STAR OF YOUR OWN MOVIE, as Joe Rogan would say.

“If you could juggle, handstand and perform all kind of strength feats, what else could you do in this life-time.”

Message RealMVMT instagram to find your nearest RealMVMT hub.


If you stand for something like this drop me a line.