The RealMVMT Vision


Where do you go when you decide to be your best in the modern world?

The closest I’ve seen are the healing baths around France and Germany.

They’re great. I’d love to buy one of those facilities and make it world class.

I can see:

500,000+ world class coaches living and breathing better.

70,000+ of hubs delivering world-class service to members. A common back-end of education, common events to travel to climbing mountains, surfing and training with other members of the community from all around the world.

Hundreds of super-centres for holistic performance.

City locations will have:

Heat therapy - sauna, mineral baths

Gas therapy - Hydrogen therapy, hypo/hyper oxygen

Red light therapy

Gymnastics, weightlifting, athletics, courts, pools, rock-climbing etc.

Rural locations will have:

  • the above but also

  • accommodation for 20-100 people at a time together

  • Buffalo / deer / cattle / goats, forests, fresh water, beach/lake access or mountains.

What’s missing?

Education content, marketing, financial knowledge… lots of love and hard work…