The Keegan Smith Experience - 30 Day Challenge


The Keegan Smith Experience was launched March 8th, 2018.

The motivation for the podcast is to offer more people the philosophy of living that Keegan and many of the coaches in the RealMVMT Project Community have been living.

The system is built around self-development and contribution. First, create change within yourself and then use that change as power to change the world.

Most of the views expressed run contrary to the average or consensus approach which means there is a possibility that they will give a distinct advantage over the opposition (or a disadvantage). Really it's not so much about winning but continually playing the game to a higher standard.

I invite you to experience life this way (iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn).

The 30 Day Challenge

We're all being influenced. Brain-washed is another way to put it. The influences we've invited into our lives are most of who we are. You are the influences you've been exposed to.

In the same way, we are all obsessed. It's easy to say that Michael Phelp's time in the pool indicates his obsession or the amount of time the Bulgarian Weightlifters invested in the gym demonstrates their obsession and the passion of Abadjiev but you too have had the same amount of time. You've pour that time into something. Whatever that is, that's your obsession.

What if you put 30 days into listening to this podcast and reflecting on the message?

What if you took the energy from the audio and turned it into your own training regime?

I will create 30 powerful episodes for you. What will you do with them?

Episode 1 - Fat conspiracy, Insulin & Performance

Uncontrolled blood sugar held me back from a lot of what I wanted to do in life. I've loved performance and getting better physically and mentally all my life. In this episode, I share about how important insulin and blood sugar are for overall health and performance and what to do about them if you're not getting the results you want in life.

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12 Minute Lecture on Kraft - HyperInsulinemia

Tim Noakes on Weston A. Price

Episode 2 - Keto Carnivore - 3 months in, food, testing, macros etc.

Who should try keto carnivore diet and why.

#2 I've always wanted to be more. I love seeing progress. Health has been the biggest limitation to my physical performance and to helping the world in the way that I want to.

Keto Carnivore has helped me in lots of ways. I explain the fears and the myths as well as the results I've had.

Should We Eat Less Vegetables For Better Health? (1 min)

Understanding Vegetables (30 minutes)

Joe Rogan - Dr Shawn Baker

Human History and Meat

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Episode 3  - Building winning athletes with on-field training

Speed, agility, power, jumps & drills

#3 In this episode I share experiences around what worked in the 2013 Sydney Roosters NRL campaign and my philosophy around speed, agility, footwork development as well as pre-session development. I also talk about how this integrates with weight training and the whole picture of helping athletes to win.

Talking about how Westside Barbell Methods contributed to the 2013 Roosters

Episode 4  - From my heart to Junior athletes

5 Principles for elite performance

#4 What if the stories you heard as a kid made all the difference to where you get to as an athlete. I've shared some of the things that made the biggest difference for me growing up in this episode.

What was missing in my own development that stopped me getting to the top?

Who are the athletes we should be looking up to and what parts of their stories should we take on. What should we avoid?

The Marinovic Project

Julian Edleman - Relentless

Episode 5   - A 360 degree look at squatting

#5 Will Squatting Change Your Life?

What will squatting do for your: cartilage, jumping, longevity, acceleration, hips?

Who are some of the best squatters in history and how did they train?

What programs have helped my squats the most?

What impact does squatting have on other lifts and overall performance?

What types of squatting are most effective - bands, box, powerlifting, half, quarter, single leg etc.

How to squat when you can’t squat because you’re injured.

Episode 6 - Am I in good shape?

# 6 Muscle Number and body fat testing.

#6 Why should we quantify our targets?

How can measuring body fat and calculating your muscle number give you the exact figures for what needs to happen for your goal?

What role does body composition play in performance?

What are the options/ pros & cons of body fat testing?

Muscle Number

Skulpt Device Podcast Review

RealYou App

Episode 7 - How beliefs shape our bodies and minds

#7 How does what we expect for ourselves shape our reality?

What physical feat have you said you will never achieve but you would love to achieve?

How can you change beliefs?

What methods work best for changing beliefs?

Heart Math Institute

Joe Dispenza - Becoming SuperNatural

Episode 8 - Optimal Training Frequency - Part 1

#8 How Often Should You Be Training?

What does the day off mentality mean for life?

When does your body adapt to stimulus?

What habits can help you get to the gym/train more often?

What are the habits of the best in the world with training?

Klokov Interview - Reframing his training - IWF Movie.

Keegan_Smith Insta

Episode 9 - Applied Fasting For Performance & Wellness

#9 f we wanted to end obesity and related metabolic diseases FASTING would be front page and encouraged across the globe.

Regaining personal power and the right to have an opinion.

What are the benefits of fasting?

What's the most pain-free way to get started?

What are some of the most effective approaches?

What's the longest fast I've done, how was it?

Do I implement fasting currently?

Episode 10 - Exogenous Ketones & Multi-Level Marketing

#10 One of the best decisions I ever made was to follow Tim Ferris and Joe Rogan into trialing Exogenous Ketones. They made a massive change in my life and lead to me being able to help dozens of people to sell ketones full-time.

I explain why they are the number 1 sports supplement (because they increase work capacity and work capacity / total training volume is the best predictor of muscle growth and progress.)

Ketones for CrossFit

ORDER KETONES from me directly now.

Learn About The Opportunity To Have:

Uncapped Income

Work Full-Time Spreading A Message Of Health

Episode 11 - 3 Steps To Strength

#11 Everyday people as me about what's needed to get the body they want. Strength is a great place to start and here is a model for how to get it.

We're neural strength is a general trait which means getting strong at anything helps you to be stronger at everything, all other factors being equal.

Mentions to - Pavel, Dan John, Westside Barbell, Bulgarian Weightlifting, Steve Justa, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Menno Henselmanns, Mike T

Episode 12 - Why Train?

#12 What does training do for me?

What does it do for others?

What would be the impact of not training?

Why train multiple capacities?

Short format episode today.

Episode 13 - How To Gain Muscle & Health - Part 1

#13 The nuts and bolts of why your protein shake isn't working and what the best do differently. Pre-steroid era wisdom and why bodybuilding is key to anyone who loves performance and a physical existence - life.

Love it. Share it. Live it!

Episode 14 - How To Gain Muscle & Health - Part 2

#14 Like me a lot of people battle to put on muscle despite creating enough stimulus to grow. In other words, they're hitting the pre-requisite training mentioned in Part 1 but they're still not getting the physique or specifically the muscle growth they want.

In this episode, I talk about some of the underlying challenges that prevent us from getting the bodies that we can best serve the world in.

Virility - Bill Pearl's secret to success.

Hope you love this one. Understanding it has made all the difference for me.

Mentions to -> Chales Poliquin, Mauru Di Pasquale, Vince Gironda, Dr Kraft..

Episode 15 - Digestive Health

#15 In this one we talk, gelatine, digestive anatomy, SIBO, candida, muscle gain, ketogenic diet, paleo diet, ketone supplements, GAPS diet, IBS and elimination diets.

Lots about my personal story, testicular extracts, thoughts on veganism and fasting.

Poor gut health makes life less liveable. I'm very happy to have consistently good gut health and I'm happy to share my journey in the hope and dream that it'll make a difference to someone who's struggling through life with bloating, weak digestion and food intolerances.

Episode 16 - Opportunity & Accessing Your Riches

#16 Stepping into our power is where our wealth is. We're the sum of our habits and the vision that we hold for the future.

Imagination + Habits = Success -> Where environment is the biggest influence on habits!

Earl Nightingale

Richard Branson

Charles Poliquin

The Ideal 3 Business For Me To Work For:

Prüvit - Sydney Roosters - RealMVMT

Episode 17 - Manipulation As A Gift / KC20 / Jocko Willink

#17 Why we have to embrace being manipulated and wage war against what we don't want.

If there was ever a time to be a SAVAGE it's today. What will you fight to become and who will you resist with all the power you can find?

Where does personal power come from?

How do we get more of it? 

The simple path of the KC20 to savagery.

I also speak a bit about sovereign nations and the notion of independence touching on the civil struggles in Spain and Indigenous Australia.

Episode 18 - Earning A Living . Slavery . Societal Change

#18 How are good can life get?

Work is a massive part of adult life and therefore children and old people. There is no longer a collective day away from work in the modern society and most people are doing something they don't want to be doing.

Are you the slave or the slave driver?

How much money does your work generate and what percentage of that do you get? What is the potential for you to have economic stability?

Finally what if there was a merit-based system where anyone could make it to the top but you also have support to help you get there? A system where the employee can make more money than the boss and everyone has a chance to win?

What's your take on leverage vs being leveraged? Send me some thoughts and experiences.

Episode 19 - 5 Diets. Protein Synthesis & My New Success Program

#19 When does medical ketosis make sense?

When doesn't it?

How much protein?

How many doses?

mTor, insulin, MPS Switch

Being who you want to be!

Episode 20 - Escape The Box To Live The Life You Want - Business, Body Fat, Travel

#20 Too many people aren't living the life they want because they're worried about what the neighbor thinks. In this podcast, I talk through how to use the theories of behavioural psychology to overcome those limits.

Build an online presence by living your dreams and sharing the journey, not the destination.


Menno - Bayesian Bodybuilding

Jordan Peterson



Episode 21 - A Vision For Humanity - What Steve Jobs, Elon Musks Did/Do Differently With Their Kids

#21 - Why I haven't been podcasting?

- Should technology be connected to your reptilian brain?

- Is humanity progressing?

- What are the alternatives?

- Where traditional cultures had it better than we do...

What do you think?

Where are we headed?

Where should we go?

* The next day I learned that my grandmother grew up in town not on a farm like my grandfather from my mum's side.

Episode 22 - The 3 Professions - Joel Salatin Vs Gary Vee

#22 - How should we be investing our lives?

What jobs are we doing and which jobs are actually healing and solving the challenges of our time?

What does it take to really make an impact vs being a social media success?

Consider the visions of Gary Vee & Joel Salatin. I encourage you to listen to Joel Salatin's podcast with Joe Rogan or one of his books. "Folks, this ain't normal" is the most well known and the one that will get you thinking most.

Enjoy. Share some thoughts if this gets you thinking.

Episode 23 - Death, Consistency, Winners ... RealMOVEMENT Project Reborn

#23 - What the farm really means to me and my dreams.

My deepest podcast yet discussing the challenges of unexpected success and the compounding power of little wins and little losses.

If you're going to get a lesson from any of my podcast this might well be the one!

What's your project?

What's the barrier?

Have you defined your philosophy and what is your system for embodying that way of living?

If you love it share it to your insta story or drop me a message.

Episode 24 - 97% Failure = Success

#24 - This podcast talks about Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Clint Greenshields, Blake Morison, Patrick Lane, Geoff Goddard (Lord of the rig podcast with PJ Lane), Nathan Gould & Brooke Richardson (Brisbane Strength), Tony Robbins, Emerson... Dean Graziosi

Have a goal, accountability and model people who've done what you want to do.

Episode 26 - Mobility Or Force? Weightlifting or Powerlifting?

#26 - Should we be getting more mobile or stronger?

Is a mobilty fetish healthy?

What role did mobility play in human evolution?

What role does strength play in human progress?

How does the mind change in response to increase or loss of the above?

What are the overarching principles in progressing mobilty?

What happens when you use the wrong movements first?

The fundamental mobility movements to develop are...

Squat, hang, standing pike, back bridge, pancake and splits front & side.

How far behind are team sports from the best methods in mobilty?

Who should you look to for mobility advice?

Episode 27 - Dom - Origins of Vitality

#27 - Dom is one of the few guys in the Carnivore Diet community who's looking deep into the details of what it takes to optimise human performance, reproductive capacity and healing.

If you're curious about what else is out there or would like to understand more deeply how to optimise the carnivore diet this is a good place to start.

You'll also understand about Dom's vegan experience and what has lead him to his current role and philosophy

Episode 28 - Why we need stoic cults. (RMP)

#28 - Today's average is obese, medicated and physically de-capacitated if not virtually decapitated. There are millions of us looking to escape the odds and create another solution for ourselves, our families for the economy and for future generations.

In a time where critical thinking and extreme capacity is required we must stand against the norm.

Episode 29 - Food For Fat Loss And Performance

#29 - Why calories matter but are not equal.

Protein leverage - Ted Naiman

Leucine threshold.

Insulin curve - Kraft

What is the role of carbs then?

Episode 30 - Be more superficial.

#30 - Blink - snap judgements matter.

Yes there is a place for compassion for those lacking muscle, with excessive fat, bad skin etc.

No acceptance is not the same as compassion.

There are hundreds of lab markers that can be useful to evaluate health but still it comes back to 2 things from 2 of the best coaches of the era just gone in performance.

• "Looks right, flies right" Charlie Francis

• "If you're over 10% body fat as a male you're a fat f**k" Charles Poliquin

BONUS 3. "You should have penis skin on your triceps as a male" CP.

There are no fat 100m champions. Every performance has an ideal body-composition and an acceptable range.

Know your numbers. Be it.

Episode 31 - Dealing With Depression - Strategies to shift slumps

The reality is life goes in waves. Some people have bigger waves than others but we all have to deal with them.

Lifestyle is huge and I speak about some of those strategies.

HOWEVER... sometimes it's other stuff.

Reach out and say thanks.

Tell someone about the positive impact they have had on your life.

Feel a shift and use that momentum to start fresh.

Keep working at it. It will get better.

Episode 32 - Rogan, Peterson and RealMOVEMENT

What's the next step for RealMVMT? This episode speaks about the current context that we live and where the gaps are between the cultural shift and the community action and real change.

Episode 33 - Why I recommend CrossFit & practical social movements.

Imagine all the people lifting life in peace...

So if someone asks where should they train and there isn't a coach nearby that I've educated or know closely I'll recommend CrossFit. I don't train CrossFit and have only done a dozen or so sessions at boxes but what else is there?

This podcast is about that question and my efforts at creating a global social movement represented in a network of independent facilities. How do we go beyond fitness and health to really solve the crisis of meaning and self-worth in modern society.

Send some feedback. Share it if you love it and subscribe to the podcast!

Episode 34 - The EXALTO intensive, hospitals and pain meds.

What a massive 4 days!

So many great moment and huge progress across the group

We're in a powerful journey together.

My first hospital experience with the kids was intense. I share some reflections on bowing to medical authority versus being a participant in discussion.

Keegan Smith