RealMVMT at Sunshine Coast - Exalto by Jordan Potts


I am that pumped for our upcoming event with RealMVMT next weekend.

I had a huge realisation this week as I walked into our incredible world class facility here on the Sunshine Coast - Exalto

I realised that I am a product of the environment I put myself in.

It was only a couple of years ago that I was a young bloke who knew he wanted to help others yet had no idea how to.

I was working full time as an F45 trainer and while it ticked the box for helping others there was a huge gap in my fulfillment.. I was lost without true purpose and direction.. I was studying exercise science yet felt that so much was missed.. I knew the information I was being taught wasn’t going to fix the problems that I was seeing everyday.. Deep down I knew there had to be a better alternative.. A real world answer to our lack of health and performance as humans.

That is when I found Keegan and the RealMVMT community.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “everything happens for a reason”.. this is the perfect example.

My growth within this community has been every bit monumental and without it this place ☝🏻 would not be what it is today.

My hunger to help the world came down to the lack of care for myself.. that’s when it all changed.

I took control of my health, my body and most importantly my mind.

Within RealMVMT I was taught that training is bigger than reps and sets, it’s a metaphor for your life.

If you value your mental and physical well being that will represent itself within every area of your life.

I was taught to take control of my nutrition, to fuel my success and allow me to thrive every day.

I was introduced to mindfulness practices, breathing, morning and evening routines.. And I was supported along the way, by others wanting the same result.

Fast forward a few years and now I am able to host the similar events in the facility I first dreamed about entering @tea l_mvmt.

These events changed my life, and now the same opportunity is available for you.. The same opportunity for you to make the biggest shift in your direction is waiting for you to take action. To change your life.

Your ticket awaits at

See ya soon 💪