Ben Patrick - @kneesovertoesguy PODCAST

The most epic podcast!

Since the first day I stumbled across Ben’s work I’ve known there was genius there. 6-months after subscribing. I’ve not changed my mind!

In this podcast we speak about:

  • Ben’s experience at Charles Poliquin events including a near K.O.

  • The sensation of dunking after over a decade of pain and frustration.

  • Going from no friends to social media star

  • Where and why he’ll play in the NBA.

  • Why “Evidence Based” and exercise science should NOT be guiding your path.

  • Our plans to become neighbours!

Seriously if you care about performance, coaching or honest hard work towards your wildest dreams you MUST listen to this podcast.

If you’d LOVE to hear round 2 or make this a regular conversation please share it and show Ben some gratitude for sharing some of his genius.

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