Mitch Pike got in touch with me during the 2014 Rugby League season not long before the Roosters made a successful run for the minor premiership. As a footy lover Mitch’s profile was a fairly common one for guys who have wanted to learn from me. He’s a young guy who sees a young coach getting results in professional sport and he wants a piece of it.

The problem is most guys just want a little piece. They want to have a conversation or a few emails to feel as though they’re doing something to move towards their dreams but in reality they’re not really willing to change anything.

This is where Mitch breaks away from the crowd.


Over time I’ve learned that like everyone one you get down to it Mitch has an amazing story. From playing footy as a youngster and having Sonny Bill Williams on his wall, to working in security, for many this is where the story ends. But Mitch had a passion for training which morphed into a passion for self-development and now a passion for developing others. Often this process takes years or decades.

Hard training and mistakes in the gym finding out what works so that 10-15 years after starting you finally get some results, then you realise you need to be more rounded to be a coach and work on that for 5-10 years and then you open a facility or run a team in your 40’s. That’s how it often goes.

That’s not how it went for Mitch.


Mitch bought in deep to the idea of self-development and took to learning from one of my main self-development mentors, Bob Proctor. Again realistic people will tell you that dreaming big and having a vision is a waste of time, stop day dreaming and get back to manning the door might have been Mitch’s scenario as he first wrestled with a worthy ideal.

Near the end of 2014 Mitch came to an internship on the Gold Coast and visited the $1.5 million property I’d leased as a geographical base just near Byron Bay. 4 solid days of training, lectures and living with great coaches like Luke Edgell, Barton Mcguckin, Ben Thompson, Travis Roche and the Primal Sydney Boys was enough to create a shift. Mitch decided it wasn’t going to be a lifetime goal to open a gym.

Travel has been a huge part of my development as a person. I’ve spent more than 10 of my 32 years living outside Australia. I believe that exposure to other cultures is a key part of the development of most of the great minds of history and we should learn from their experiences. Since travel is a core value of mine for self-development turning RealMVMT into a Global Community was always part of the vision.

We now have great coaches all over the world who are part of the RealMVMT network and have presented on 4 continents and in 7 countries. Realising the dream of people being able to connect coaches to travel and learn about performance is one of the most exciting things that’s come out of building RMp.

This sets the frame for getting Mitch on his first trip to the other side of the world into immersion in foreign languages, and some of the challenges of travel too! Spending 5 day together in the south of Spain re-affirmed to me the importance of what we’re doing with RMp and how great it is to help people like Mitch build dreams and continue to expand them.


The world has thousands of under-inspired gyms with a vision of the world that looks through a straw. There are many more thousands of under-trained, under-educated personal trainers who could potentially become an army of performance coaches educating and empowering the millions who are suffering unnecessary lifestyle related disease and missing out on the gift of strength and performance.


I’m excited to say Mitch has now become a senior coach with RealMVMT Project and will continue to pass on his experiences in the gym and in business with the RealMVMT Community. He’s already helped lots of guys to accomplish the same dream and make it work before he’s even 6 months into his own business!

Photo is of Mitch supporting Geoff Goddard’s newly opened facility in the heart of Sydney – Lord Of The Rig

What’s next? Apart from mentoring junior coaches Mitch is focussed on deadlifting 300kg and beyond and going bigger with his vision for a stronger world.

Keegan SmithComment