Welcome To RealMVMT.com!

Why the move from RealMVMTProject.com?

Well we’ve relaunched RealMVMT2.0!

From 2014-2018 we helped over 70 coaches achieve their dreams of working full-time in their own facility.

Honestly, we so massively over-achieved in income and impact that we lost our way. Keegan experimented with building a global supplement brand, elite 1-1 coaching and launching gym franchise RealYOU. There were big wins and brutal learnings.

RM2.0 is about 10x ing the service and impact of our first 5 years in the first 6 months.


Better Team: Brando, Tim, Jordan, Fred… Lyndon, Ben, Richard, Drew… Alberto, Sher and Nicholas.

Better Tech: 1.0 we tried to invent the wheel. RM2.0 we’re leveraging the best learning, training and community building platforms as well as this new website.

Better Support and Admin: Like it or love it there are realities of running a business that we didn’t nail in RM1.0. While even Microsoft has crashes we’re doing our best to upgrade all aspects of our customer support and product delivery in RM2.0.

Check RM Education or the shop for more info or to get involved in the Early Bird Offers.

New look for 2.0. What do you think?

New look for 2.0. What do you think?

Keegan Smith